Veteran  Employment Transition System (V.E.T.S.)

Many Veterans have said “you can take a person out of the military, but you can never take the military out of a person. Once a military person, always a military person”

This being the case is why so many transitioning  military veterans find it difficult to get themselves integrated into the mainstream of civilian life. For them, getting used to the civilian way of life is a huge transition process and added to that is the burden of finding suitable employment in the civilian world.

To address this, the Regional Education and Training Centers, has developed the Veterans Employment Transition System (V.E.T.S) program to assist transitioning active duty military personnel, Guard and Reserve members and  Veterans and their spouses with a learning process that addresses the challenges of transitioning as well as offering them solutions in how to document and translate military experience to an employment opportunity, a business/industry focused training program, and/or degree or certificate  program designed to prepare them for future career opportunities.


Through the V.E.T.S program veterans have the opportunity to gain an understanding and insight as to their value in regards to employment opportunities and their associated work environments.

Audience the V.E.T.S program has been designed for:

Combat Military personnel and Combat veterans who are in the process or recently (past year) already have separated or retired from the military, or who will transition from military service to the civilian workforce in the next 18 months. Spouses are encouraged to participate in the V.E.T.S program.

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